Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise (Picture: Frank Masi. © 2021 Disney Enterprises, Inc.)

Jungle Cruise becomes an inoffensive Disney romp with safe bets Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson and Jack Whitehall transforming the theme park ride into a blockbuster cash grab. Undergoing the same treatment as Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise instead focuses on budget animatronics emerging from the depths as a dawdling shanty boat educate guests on…… Continue reading Jungle Cruise

Palm Springs

Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti in Palm Springs

An ingenious play on the time loop mechanic, Palm Springs delivers an emotional character-driven drama on nihilism and timelessness in a year where time has felt nothing but relative. Written by Andy Siara and directed by Max Barbakow, Palm Springs takes the traditional Groundhog Day formula and adds an interesting twist about acceptance and consequence.…… Continue reading Palm Springs

Guns Akimbo

Daniel Radcliffe in Guns Akimbo

Guns Akimbo, the overhyped Daniel Radcliffe Twitch streamer movie is finally available to view after years of delay. Initially released in the States, but postponed internationally due to the pandemic. Guns Akimbo starring Daniel Radcliffe is finally available to view on Amazon Prime. Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) is stuck in a rut, with his few fleeting…… Continue reading Guns Akimbo

Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham creates a lockdown masterpiece

Bo Burnham returns with a new exclusive comedy special Inside. The Netflix show depicts Bo Burnham alone over a year struggling with lockdown, and the current state of the world. Being no stranger to the talent of Bo Burnham it would come as no surprise that I absolutely adored his latest Netflix special. The Make…… Continue reading Bo Burnham: Inside

Rare Beasts

Billie Piper torments with the struggles of adulthood in Rare Beasts

Rare Beasts sees a directorial debut by former pop star and actor Billie Piper. Piper fails to create an interesting dissection on the characteristics of masculinity and femininity. Piper performs and directs our leading character, Mandy in her debut Rare Beasts. Taking her struggling character through the downfall of love and life portraying the rare…… Continue reading Rare Beasts

The Mitchells vs The Machines

The Mitchells vs The Machines is a visual delight

The Mitchells vs The Machines prove just how talented Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are yet again making a phenomenal hit. Directed by Michael Rianada, but produced by iconic duo Lord and Miller, The Mitchells vs The Machines elevates the road trip genre and inserts tonnes of charm and charisma as a family unit the…… Continue reading The Mitchells vs The Machines

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade by Bo Burnham is now available for streaming on Netflix. Starring Elsie Fisher, Eighth Grade was first released in 2018. Bo Burnham, who currently stars alongside Carey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman, created Eighth Grade as his directorial debut. Most recognisable as an American singer-songwriter comic, Bo Burnham knows how to brilliantly and…… Continue reading Eighth Grade

The Trial of the Chicago 7

The Trial of the Chicago 7, directed by Aaron Sorkin, divulges the inner workings of the rigged court case against the suspected leaders of the Chicago protestors in 1968 protesting against the Vietnam War. Based on the true story, The Trial of the Chicago 7 has Sorkin’s punchy writing associated with The West Wing, The Social Network, and Steve Jobs,…… Continue reading The Trial of the Chicago 7


Amy Poehler’s film Moxie arrived on Netflix at the beginning of March and has since risen into the Top 10 list. This follows Netflix’s previous decision to promote Poehler’s directorial debut Wine Country in 2019. Moxie by Poehler is based on the book of the same name by Jennifer Mathieu. Synopsis In a school poisoned…… Continue reading Moxie