Exclusive: The Unfriend’s Steven Moffat & Reece Shearsmith

A conversation with writer Steven Moffat and Reece Shearsmith for their production The Unfriend. Steven Moffat and Reece Shearsmith open up about writing advice, how to create a character, and the art of the performer as part of a special event at the Chichester Festival Theatre for their current production, The Unfriend. The event, Prologue,…… Continue reading Exclusive: The Unfriend’s Steven Moffat & Reece Shearsmith

Steven Moffat’s The Unfriend

Maddie Holliday, Amanda Abbington, Reece Shearsmith, Frances Barber & Gabriel Howell in The Unfriend (Photo: Manuel Harlan/Chichester Festival Theatre)

The Unfriend, with its Best of British line-up, is a joyous display of social etiquettes gone wrong. The Unfriend, written by Steven Moffat, and directed by Mark Gatiss is a new play currently showing at Chichester Festival Theatre. Starring Reece Shearsmith, Amanda Abbington and Frances Barber as the leading cast, the show is as much…… Continue reading Steven Moffat’s The Unfriend


Morbius fails hard in emulating the success of Venom with Jared Leto’s dead behind the eyes anti-hero. Set for release initially before the pandemic, Morbius, based on the name of the lead character, Dr Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), failed to sink its teeth into the Marvel success of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The weak and…… Continue reading Morbius