BAFTA Nominations 2021

Carey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman from the BAFTA Nominations 2021

The BAFTA Film Award Nominations of 2021 were announced ahead of the ceremony on Sunday, 11 April. Carey Mulligan‘s Promising Young Woman, Olivia Colman‘s The Father, and Frances McDormand in Nomadland were among those nominated.

When cinemas are closed, it feels strange to be discussing the films that will be taking awards this film season. Especially when all we’ve watched in the past year is The Tiger King, reruns of The Office. Moreover, if you’re one of the lucky few who managed to go to an actual cinema, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.

That is to say that, considering the BAFTA 2021 Nominations, and how few of the films any of us have seen, I can make a guess at where the main points of interest will be:

Promising Young Woman

Certainly, I feel like Promising Young Woman will see the film pick up the award for Best British Film. As Carey Mulligan’s portrayal of a woman fighting a society that is forever favorable to men taking advantage. While Mulligan was no-doubt snubbed, seeing it nominated for six categories makes up for this missing BAFTA 2021 nomination.

Above all, I suspect that Promising Young Woman from first-time director Emerald Fennell will grow in attention ahead of its release. Likewise, as the conversation about women’s safety develops, I expect this to favor Promising Young Woman’s release given its subject matter. Especially as the film is set for an exhibition so soon after the disappearance of Sarah Everard.

Subsequently, I believe that the combination of these factors will pave the way for Mulligan’s nomination at the upcoming Oscars. In addition, Fennell is probably likely to pick up the award from Best Original Screenplay.

Above all, I assume Bo Burnham to get a nod for his role in Promising Young Woman. Moreover, I do expect Burnham to win something as he continues developing his skills.

Where can I watch Promising Young Woman?

Promising Young Woman is not yet out for release in the UK, though in the States you can rent on the Google Play Store, or Amazon Prime.

The Father

Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins lead this drama directed by Florian Zeller about the relationship between father and daughter as dementia causes confusion.

Similarly, Julianne Moore won an Oscar for her character with Alzheimer’s Disease in Still Alice in 2015. Consequently, Hopkins is most likely to win his BAFTA 2021 nominations; and Oscars for his role as The Father suffering from dementia.

Subsequently, what causes The Father to stand out against similar films like Still Alice is its editing by Yorgos Lamprinos. The Father masterfully interplays confusion and forgetfulness into its story through its genius edits. In other words, we as an audience experience the very confusion and breakdown of sensibility that dementia brings. Hopkins’ Father loses track of who’s who, and what’s happening. Lamprinos does this to visually demonstrate the doubt and confusion as dementia grows and weaves itself throughout his life.

Therefore, I suspect that the Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay awards will go to The Father for its BAFTA 2021 nominations.

Where can I watch The Father?

The Father will be available to stream on Amazon Prime from March 26.


Frances McDormand stars in Nomadland directed by Chloé Zhao and blurs the lines between drama and documentary. McDormand plays a character who loses everything after The Great Recession and packs up and begins a nomadic life traveling in her van.

Where this film is the most compelling though is in how it portrays real nomadic people alongside McDormand who enables her growth throughout the film. We see real people alongside McDormand’s character offering a real perspective that transitions Nomadland into almost nonfiction. This blurring is what caused Nomadland to shine with its many BAFTA 2021 nominations.

Much like I, Daniel Blake, and films by Jafar Panâhi, Nomadland blurs the understanding of what constitutes a film being fiction or real. As such, I suspect that Nomadland will win both Best Actress for McDormand, and Best Film.

Better yet, McDormand’s body of work over the last few years since her Oscar-winning performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri has been limited doing primarily voicework. It is as if McDormand herself has committed to an almost nomadic approach to acting, only following her own pursuit of happiness.

Where can I watch Nomadland?

Nomadland will be released on Star through the Disney+ service on April 30 in the UK. The film will be available to stream at no additional cost for Disney+ subscribers through their new Star feature.

By Conor Riley

Conor is the Founder and Editor for Cinamore, a publication focused on giving power back to journalists. As a portmanteau of the word 'Cinema' and the Italian word for love 'Amore', Cinamore aims to highlight the love that we all carry for the art of the moving image.


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