Heathers: The Musical to be released in cinemas

Heathers: The Musical is to have a limited cinematic release filmed live at The Other Palace.

Heathers: The Musical, is set to be released in cinemas for one-day on 28 March. Based on the cult movie, Heathers, starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, the stage adaptation has seen large success since its arrival at the off-West End theatre The Other Palace in 2018.

In a similar vein to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, streaming on Disney+, Heathers: The Musical is to receive a cinematic release to enable accessibility for those unable to obtain tickets to theatres to see the stage show in person.

The musical adaptation follows Veronica Sawyer, played in the 1989 film by Ryder, and on-stage by Ailsa Davidson, whose dreams of popularity come true when she’s accepted to join a clique of beautiful, yet cruel girls, who share the forename Heather – Heather Chandler (Maddison Firth), Heather Duke (Vivian Panka) and Heather McNamara (Teleri Hughes).

The stage show has continued to gain momentum, mostly amongst millennial and younger audience demographics, with internet personalities including YouTuber and actress Carrie Hope Fletcher and TikToker Hannah Lowther both starring in the stage production during its run with Lowther becoming the first actress to perform as every Heather character in the show during her time in the production.

The show has consistently been praised for its portrayal of dark and adult themes, as well as its self-awareness in creating a cult classic on par with Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The filmed production of Heathers: The Musical was initially available to stream exclusively via the Roku Channel from September 2022, though it is hoped that this cinematic release will enable others to enjoy the production.

Speaking of the news of its cinematic release, director Andy Fickman said, “Directing Heathers: The Musical has been a career high for me.

“So, when we got a chance to film the Stage Capture at our beloved theatre in London where it all began – The Other Palace – that was an even bigger high.

“I can’t stop smiling and I hope audiences feel the same way!”

Heathers: The Musical is available to watch in cinemas only on 28 March, with audiences able to find their nearest cinemas showing the production at https://heathersmusicalfilm.co.uk.

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