The Circle: Series 3 Finalists Revealed

The Circle Finalists

The Circle series 3 concludes tonight Friday 9 April 2021 as the social experiment game show will crown their winner taking home the prize of up to £100,000.

Being on our screens six nights a week, the contestants have been through emotional journeys locked up in their apartments with the only form of communication being the social media app The Circle.

Contestant Andy Smith was made super influencer in the penultimate episode, which gave him the power to block a remaining player anonymously.

The remaining players are: Hashu Mohammed playing as his Uncle Syed; Manrika Khaira playing as herself; Natalya Platanova playing as army cadet Felix; former contestants Pippa and Joey are playing as Vicar Tom, and Shabaz is playing as secondary school teacher Alice.

One of them will win taking home up to £100,000 of the prize.

Previous winners include LadBible’s Alex Hobern who won the cash prize of series 1 pretending to be his girlfriend Kate. Paddy Smyth won the game prize of series 2.

Tim Wilson won the popular vote of series 2 after winning over the hearts of the nation. Both Paddy and Tim won playing as themselves.

The final episode will see Andy, and the remaining four players compete to become the most popular.

However before one of them takes home the prize, Andy must first block a fellow contestant face to face.

Torn between removing a contestant who he sees his biggest threat, will Andy remove Syed or Manrika, or will he block Alice or Tom after suspicions that one of them was sowing the seed of discontent to get Felix blocked.

When is in the final of The Circle Series 3?

The final will air on Channel 4 at 22:00. All episodes will be available to stream afterwards on All 4.

By Conor Riley

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