The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans could have been Steven Spielberg at his strongest but in its confusion ends up fighting with itself. The Fabelmans, directed and written by cinematic great Steven Spielberg had all the promise of being a tremendous self-retrospective film of how his nurtured upbringing shaped the multi-Academy Award director. However, the film that has…… Continue reading The Fabelmans

95th Oscars Academy Awards: Full List of Nominees

This year’s nominees have been revealed for the 95th Oscars, honouring the very best in the film industry of the last year. The nominees for the 95th Oscars have been announced. With the world re-emerging from the pandemic, 2023 saw a slew of films about film, with the likes of Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans encapsulating…… Continue reading 95th Oscars Academy Awards: Full List of Nominees

The Son

The Son is Florian Zeller’s companion piece to The Father but fails to really understand the severity of teen depression. The Son, written and directed by Florian Zeller, relies not just on its brilliant cast of Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby, and Zen McGrath, but also on Zeller’s success of The Father to bring…… Continue reading The Son