Writer-director Charlotte Regan’s Scrapper is a surreal, quirky, independent melodrama exploring the relationship between family and grief. 12-year-old Georgie (Lola Campbell) lives alone, raising herself and managing grief with the bold sensibility typically associated with adults, after being catapulted into adulthood when her mother died from an unnamed illness. Except with the arrival of her…… Continue reading Scrapper

Blue Jean

Blue Jean tells section 28 and homophobia with a passable melodrama. Blue Jean, directed by first-time feature filmmaker Georgia Oakley, is set in the Thatcherite era of Britain, a time of political and sociological change, when the retrospectively disgraceful Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 law was passed. Our lead, Jean (Rosy McEwen),…… Continue reading Blue Jean


Aftersun is the most heartwrenching presentation of nostalgia that captures perfectly the magic of childhood, with the difficulties retrospectively now as adults. Aftersun easily fools audiences as being anything other than Charlotte Wells’ directorial debut as its flawlessness suggests years of mastery. Wells as both director, and writer beautifully weaves a paternal storyline delving…… Continue reading Aftersun