Blue Jean

Blue Jean tells section 28 and homophobia with a passable melodrama. Blue Jean, directed by first-time feature filmmaker Georgia Oakley, is set in the Thatcherite era of Britain, a time of political and sociological change, when the retrospectively disgraceful Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 law was passed. Our lead, Jean (Rosy McEwen),…… Continue reading Blue Jean

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

A welcome far cry from the sex-driven comedies that have typified the genre, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande is a truly delightful romp. Without ever diluting the “good stuff”, director Sophie Hyde and writer Katy Brand playfully poke into the deeper meanings behind our biological urge for a pleasurable connection with Good Luck To You, Leo…… Continue reading Good Luck to You, Leo Grande